Paola Martínez is a Cuban photographer whose innovative compositions of still life images often integrate natural and artificial subjects to create a new subject and idea.  She leads her imagination through a social reality built upon virility and blends aspects of Cuba’s spaces, practices and values in order to pursue other possibilities that involve the female subject in the Cuban culture.  

     Paola has exhibited her work at the San Francisco Gallery, the Mission Cultural Center for Latin Arts and the Arc Studio and Gallery in San Francisco.  Casa Frisac in Mexico City and Espace Saint-Rémi in Bordeaux also held exhibitions of Paola’s photographs.  Most recently, Nelson Dominguez’s Gallery in Old Havana invited Paola to showcase her work.  In addition, Paola has collaborated with and taken photographs for artists such as Migelángelo Pistoletto, Daniel Buren, Humberto Diaz, Shilpa Gupta and Nikhil Chopra. 

     Paola is a 2011 graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro and is currently studying at the University of Arts in Havana, Cuba.  Paola sells her photographs internationally and  runs her own business capturing social events and creating portraits for various clients.  Paola teaches photography classes at The School of Creative Photography of Havana and is the staff photographer at The Galleria Continua. 





All images are copyrighted and Paola Martinez reserves the rights to their use.